Helping Clients In Georgia Understand Ancillary Probate

Helping Clients In Georgia Understand Ancillary Probate

When a person passes away owning property in various states, executors, administrators and heirs will often be required to navigate the processes of ancillary probate. At Teiger Law Center, P.C., we can help you understand the probate process and take necessary steps to see that property held within and outside Georgia is properly transferred.

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Perhaps your loved one passed away while residing in Georgia, but owned multiple properties outside the state. Or perhaps the situation is turned around and the individual resided outside of Georgia and maintained a second home in the Atlanta metro. Regardless of the circumstances, real property will need to be probated within the state in which it resides.

As a team of attorneys with years of experience, we understand that these and other probate matters are incredibly complex. Furthermore, the aftermath of losing a loved one is an emotionally challenging time. By working together, we will provide, clear, compassionate counsel that allows you to confidently make decisions regarding the management of the decedent's estate. We can outline the procedures for probating a foreign will, how to navigate the probate process outside of Georgia while distributing property within the state, and ultimately protect your family's interests moving forward.

We know how to properly account for real property, financial accounts (including retirement accounts and pensions), as well as business interests. Regardless of the circumstances, we can work closely with you to achieve a timely, effective and positive outcome.

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