We Defend Clients Against Property Crime Charges

We Defend Clients Against Property Crime Charges

Perpetrators of property crimes can be charged with a misdemeanor or felony, depending upon the crime committed. Tracy Teiger, a criminal defense attorney with nearly 30 years of experience, can help you understand what you're up against while building a legal defense on your behalf.

A property crime is committed when one person harms or takes another person's property without consent. Whether you are charged with criminal trespass, larceny, property damage, toxic dumping, arson, or vandalism/defacing public or private property, we understand the law and the punishment guidelines for each infraction. Robbery and armed robbery are felonies and considered "theft by taking," as is entering someone else's motor vehicle/vessel without permission.

Georgia theft and burglary of property, goods or services, including possessing or receiving stolen property, are also considered "property crimes," as are forgery and robbery. Forgery in the first degree and in the second degree are both felonies.

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Stealing property or intending to do so is burglary. Whether it is a home, building, railroad car, aircraft or vehicle, entering such places is considered trespass if nothing is taken. You can be charged with one offense or both, as either misdemeanors or felonies, depending upon circumstances such as amount taken, age and past criminal record. Sentencing can range from one to 20 years' incarceration.

Other thefts include conversion, deception, extortion, importation of stolen property and some white collar crimes. Failing to inform or locate an owner using reasonable means or obtaining services and failing to pay for them also falls into this category. Shoplifting of goods valued at more than $500 carries felony charges with punishments that include prison time. Lesser amounts are charged as misdemeanors and include fines and/or jail time.

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We will look for ways to prove your innocence, seeking acquittal, dismissal or reduction in charges whenever possible, by arguing mitigating circumstances such as receiving stolen property with the intent of giving it back to the owner or offering reasonable doubts in other cases.

If you or someone you know has been charged with committing property crimes, contact our team at the Teiger Law Center, P.C., to discuss your rights and options. You can reach our Alpharetta and Cumming, GA law offices by calling 800-780-2275 or 866-726-2153.