Charged With A Theft Crime? It's Time To Obtain A Lawyer

Charged With A Theft Crime? It's Time To Obtain A Lawyer

Theft crimes comprise a wide variety of offenses that involve taking or using another person's property without his or her consent, or knowingly receiving the property of another person that was acquired through a theft crime. Given the difficult times that many people are facing, there has been an increase in the frequency and magnitude of theft crimes that are being committed.

Strong Defense Strategies Tailored To Your Individual Needs

Depending on the jurisdiction in which the theft crime was committed, law enforcement and prosecutorial personnel are taking an increasingly hard line on the perpetrators of theft offenses. Jail time, fines, community service, restitution, lengthy terms of probation and a lifelong criminal record of the offense are just some of the scars that can be left when you are prosecuted for a theft crime. Retaining the services of experienced theft counsel can help shield you from some or many of the marks that can be left on you for the commission of a theft crime.

At Teiger Law Center, P.C., our lead attorney, Tracy Teiger, is a skilled criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with the laws pertaining to theft crimes and, after investigating the facts of your case, can guide you skillfully down the path that will be least costly in terms of time, expense and punishment.

At the end of the case, we can assist in having your record of the arrest expunged so that it does not interfere with your ability to get a job, enlist in the military, enroll in college, get a security clearance or be considered favorably for lending.

Understanding The Various Types Of Theft Crimes

There are a wide variety of criminal offenses under Georgia law that fit the category of theft crime. Some of them are theft by shoplifting, theft by taking, theft by conversion, theft by deception, theft of services, theft by extortion, theft by receiving stolen property, entering motor vehicle, burglary, fraud, theft by taking, robbery, armed robbery, burglary and criminal trespass.

If you have been charged with a theft crime, you are vulnerable to numerous punishments and the residual effect of having a record of arrest and criminal prosecution. Tracy Teiger is experienced in defending clients accused of theft and will protect their rights within the limits of the law, providing them with plausible defenses in defending the charges against them.

By filing motions for discovery of the state's evidence, and interviewing witnesses, he will investigate the facts of the case to determine if the elements of the crime with which you've been charged are likely to be proved at trial.

If so, he will strenuously argue the weaknesses of the state's case in achieving the best available outcome through plea negotiations, or in filing motions to suppress the state's evidence and, otherwise, impeding the state's ability to prosecute crimes unchallenged.

Let's Work Together To Defend Your Rights And Future Interests

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