Experienced Counsel When Probating A Foreign Will

Experienced Counsel When Probating A Foreign Will

Perhaps you previously resided in Georgia, moved outside the country, drafted a will or other estate planning documents and have recently moved back. Or maybe your loved one who recently passed away kept property in Georgia, but drafted his or her will in another country. These and various other scenarios are important to consider when drafting or revising your estate planning instruments and when engaging in the probate process.

We Can Explain All Aspects Of Probating A Foreign Will In Georgia

At Teiger Law Center, P.C., we routinely work with clients in north Georgia when resolving complex probate matters. When it comes to going through the ancillary probate of a foreign will, there are numerous steps that need to be undertaken, including determining if the will has been legally probated or established in the country in which it was drafted, we will need to obtain a certified copy of the will and the proceedings of the foreign court, and we will also need to verify that the will was properly executed in accordance with the foreign laws. These and other criteria can be difficult to parse without the help of a lawyer. That is why we encourage you to speak with us as soon as possible.

Each foreign will and probate matter presents unique challenges. That is why we stress the importance of working directly with you throughout the process. If you are the executor named in the will or the personal representative that oversaw the will in the jurisdiction where the will was probated, you will also be qualified to resolve probate matters in Georgia. We can help you understand Georgia's probate laws and guide you throughout the process.

Discuss The Details Of Your Probate Matter With Our Attorneys

Whether you have questions about revising your foreign will or you are already engaged in the probate process and require representation, our team of lawyers and professionals at Teiger Law Center, P.C., can help. We keep offices in Cumming and Alpharetta and routinely work with clients in Atlanta and across the state.

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