Helping Clients With Criminal Records Expungement

Helping Clients With Criminal Records Expungement

For many criminal offenses, the risk of punishment on the current charge should not be the only source of your worries. First Georgia offenders, especially, will often benefit from pretrial diversion programs or sentencing alternatives that present no prospect of jail time.

Even on so-called minor criminal charges, the real problem is one that might not show up until years after the arrest and disposition - the creation of a public criminal record that can cost you job opportunities, access to higher education, advancement in a military career, employment and lending opportunities or a security clearance.

Clear Explanations From An Established Criminal Law Attorney

To understand the impact of a current criminal problem and your options for keeping it off your record, it's important to speak with an experienced attorney like Tracy Teiger of the Teiger Law Center, P.C. With offices in Alpharetta and Cumming, GA attorney Teiger and his team help clients across the state understand their options when protecting their long-term interests.

Eligibility for expungement in Georgia does not depend so much on the offense being charged as it does on the way it turns out, or its disposition. Our law firm therefore works to achieve the disposition in a given case that maximizes our client's opportunity to have the record of the offense expunged. In other words, the record of the offense, the arrest and the conviction will be invisible to the public if an order of expungement is granted.

The dispositions that can lead to expungement vary from one case to another, and from one offender to another. We can explain whether you are eligible for pretrial diversion, felony first-offender programs or conditional discharge in drug cases. Different programs have different requirements, and it is not always easy to complete them successfully. However, most people find that the effort is more than worthwhile to keep their records clean.

We look ahead toward expungement and protecting a client's record from the very beginning of a criminal defense engagement. We also represent people whose problems with the criminal law occurred years ago, but only lately have begun to cause practical difficulties for them.

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