Fight Back Against Marijuana Charges

Fight Back Against Marijuana Charges

Hire a trusted marijuana possession lawyer for marijuana crime charges in Cumming, GA

Just like any other misdemeanor, a marijuana-related misdemeanor can carry with it up to a year in prison and a fine of up to $1,000. A drug conviction - felony or misdemeanor - can also derail your future if not properly resolved.

To minimize the negative effects of any marijuana crime charges, such as marijuana possession or possession of paraphernalia, put your trust in Teiger Law Center, P.C. From our law firm's locations in Alpharetta and Cumming, GA, we protect the rights of people whose futures are on the line.

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Speak with a lawyer before agreeing to anything

If you've been charged with marijuana possession, you might think that your only option is a guilty plea. However, simply pleading guilty to marijuana crime charges in an attempt to put the episode behind you may be misguided.

Consult with our law firm before agreeing to anything. Experienced marijuana possession lawyer Tracy Teiger also served as a federal investigator, and he can look into the details of your arrest to determine if law enforcement officers violated your rights.

If there is anything questionable about your case, we will use that to file motions to suppress evidence, reduce the charges or dismiss them altogether. We can also use our knowledge of drug crimes and how the courts work to negotiate a better outcome for you, such as rehabilitation. We will look into every possible option to protect your best interests and give you the best chance at moving on with your life.